About Me

Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Dave Eaglesham, a recently retired person, with nothing better to do than try new things and express my opinion about them.


My interests include astronomy, woodworking, photography, camping, fishing and travel. As I prepared for retirement, and since my retirement, I've been frequently asked if I will find enough to keep me busy. Based upon my list of interests, what do you think?

I haven't been in my observatory for some time now. I think it has been over 6 months since I finished installing my new pier. It seemed like whenever I found time to head out and get everything aligned, the weather wouldn't cooperate. Weather, plus my numerous other interests got in the way.  With my retirement at the beginning of 2018 I decided it was time to activate the observatory once again.

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Once again I am building a new web page. I neglected my previous web page for so long that the Joomla software became outdated and hard to update, Plus, in my experimenting over the years I installed too many extensions that were not supported by their developers. That made it very difficult to filter out the junk that had accumulated. So as a result, my new page.

The template is a design I created using a program called Artisteer. Most web design "experts" would likely scoff at my use of Artisteer, but I find it an easy way to start with a basic template and modify it as I go. Plus, it allows me to keep it simple.